I will not support hateful political messages

Dear Friends:

I want you all to know that while I do have my personal political views, and have occasionally used personal social media accounts as a platform to express them, I have always done so with nothing but respect for those of my friends and followers who have different views. That said, I have come to believe that the message being spread by Donald Trump is dangerous and counter-productive because it incites and encourages people to act towards their fellow countrymen out of hatred, racism and fear. I do not believe in a politics of hatred, racism and fear. So, if you find that I have un-friended, un-liked, or in some other way cut ties with you on Facebook or another social media channel, please know that it is because you have shared or liked something that I interpreted as promotion of this hateful political agenda. I will not support hateful political messages.

I am guided by these wise words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Well, I strongly believe that forcefully ejecting people from political rallies because of their race matters. Encouraging violence against peaceful protesters matters. For a candidate running for public office to promise openly to pay for the legal defense fees of any supporter who commits violence against lawful, non-violent protesters is unconscionable, and yes it matters. Dismissing voices from the political discourse because they are “Mexican” or “Fat” — matters. The denigration of women as a political tool matters. I have nothing but respect for the political process, and what choice you make behind the curtain of a polling booth is not my concern. But I will take no part in promoting Donald Trump and his vile message of hate. If you use your social platform to echo his vitriol, I will not follow you. Furthermore, if you are a politician and you endorse him, you will lose my vote. If you are a business supporting him, you will lose my custom. We as a nation have come perilously close to being derailed by our obsession with wealth and power and have forgotten many very important and hard-learned lessons about what qualities constitute a good leader. Donald Trump is not a good leader. He’s not even a very bad one. He’s a liar, and a divider; two qualities that I strongly believe to be incompatible with leadership. His message is simple: he is great, and people who like him are better than people who don’t like him. He has made no sensible statements of policy, but has shown repeatedly that he will say anything that reinforces his superiority and popularity over any adversary or opposition.

So, today, inspired by the words of Dr. King, I’m deciding to take a position and work to stop the spread and promotion of Donald Trump and his hateful political messages. If it crosses my feed on any social platform, the person who put it there will lose me as a follower. I repeat: I will not support hateful political messages.

I am not asking for anyone to share, copy and paste or repost this message. I speak only for myself. But you may share and repost it as long as you believe these words as if they were your own. No more hateful messages in American politics.

I will not support hateful political messages